Sprites not lining up properly in animation...?

While animating my sprites, I’ve noticed that some of the images don’t line up properly, resulting in some jittery animations. I was wondering if there was any way to adjust the position of an image within the object editor.

Pics for reference:

Frame 1 puu.sh/hgNL0/23b7a4781e.png

Frame 2 puu.sh/hgNQr/67e193635a.png

Notice how the box is misaligned between the two? This is resulting in the sprite jumping around a few pixels in the first, second, and third frames.

Im not 100% on this but i have managed to do it by moving the origin point to be the same on both images, so when the animation changes it puts the animated image into the scene from its origin so both origins are 10px from the bottom center of the image then it should be alot smoother please let me know if it works

Another way is to change the origin point to the same as the centre point, then the image will always centre based on ur first frame

dear your problem is with the animation. being an animator i have to tell you (i am also developing game, so i have got a little bit of experience) that you have to keep the resolution of your sprite images consistent, or exact same. in my case it is working pretty good, every thing is working very well. for some reason at the very beginning of my animation for game, one thing came in my mind was to keep the resolution exact same for every frame. sure that will help

Ino his animations are different sizes but i think you can still do it by changing the origin to the same as the centre point but Umar is still right, really all your animations should be the same size so it flicks through them seemlessly. Anyway im sure if you set your origin point of the image to the same as the center point as it should flick through ur animation using the centre point to generate the next image, anyway here is an example of how the origin works;

The origin by default is the top left corner so say you had an image 50px x 50px the origin would be x=0 y=0 i think it generates the image from the origin stretching it to 50px x 50px so if you put the origin in the center then it should create the image from the centre stretching it all 4 ways 25px and keeping the animation inline, please let me know if it works :slight_smile:

Both ways solve the problem. You have a few frames in the animation, so you can set the Origin frame per frame, but if you have a lot of frames, surely have a fixed frame size is the right choice :slight_smile:

By the way, and out of topic, you are forced to place points frame per frame when you need to attach a new point, for example “Hand”, to track the hand of the character.

Thanks lizard for clearing that up i new you could change the origin to the centre to make things more accurate, but wasnt 100% if it works with animations :wink:

You guys are all awesome, I’m about to mess around with these solutions to try and fix my issue. Will report results!

Also, you’ve answered a few questions I have yet to ask, like how to track points like hands (or rather, If setting points is the proper way to do it, which I now know is.)

Changing to origin points did nothing to help me, so I finally caved and am currently resizing my frames. I’ll let you guys know how this goes.

The origin thing should work as i did it with one of my images, would you mind attaching your project so i can have a look