Sprites Not Showing In Preview

So I used separate layers to place two sprites .The one placed on the upper layer is a Platform and 70% of it is transparent (❶) while the other sprite placed on the lower layer is a Draggable (❷).When I run the preview ,❶ is absolutely fine but ❷ can’t be seen .Any solutions please !!!

What’s that?

Dunno why that ❷ is there but maybe you wanted to say, one object is there and the other one isn’t. That can be because of how your camera’s action is set up. Different layers have different cameras and you need to set up events for each camera. If you haven’t set up a proper action for the camera of the other layers, you might not get the results that you would expect. The camera would not be following the other layer so the object (instances of objects) placed in that other layer might not be moving (staying where they are) or other weird stuff.

You need to do something like this: 
Change the X and Y Position of camera at layer: "Whatever_Your_Another_Layer" (camera: 0) to CameraX("",0) and CameraY("", 0)

Hmm. What does that mean?

It’s like ❷ could be touched by the character BUT it’s not showing .Some how it went transparent .

You are putting your objects in a separate layer (platforms in one and platformers in another) then you also need to

Do something like this
Change the X and Y Position of camera at layer: "Whatever_Your_Another_Layer" (camera: 0) to CameraX("",0) and CameraY("", 0)

I don’t really understand what is going on as I don’t know much about coding but thanks a lot for your help anyway.

We’re assuming you are moving the camera to follow the player.

What @Muzan is saying is if you move the camera, say to follow a player, you need to do that for all the layers that have playing objects on them. You’ll have a layer named “Base layer” (also referenced with “”), and another layer, say called “Interactive layer”. When you change the camera for the base layer, you’ll also need to change the camera on “Interactive layer”. Something like :


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