Sprites vs Mosaicos

Greetings, I have a problem and it directly affects several sections in the development of my game… you will see the world generation is similar to the method used in the Terraria Game! But 1 same Block requires several Sprites depending on the contact blocks around it! That is why this problem arises, which is better to use?

Mosaic or Sprites? I would say that Sprites and with Platform behavior, depending on the contact I put conditions and actions so that it changes from 1 to another, but… I don’t know how to use random generation in this case… this is a Sprite sheep I would like one idea or recommendation if anyone had a similar situation… Thanks :slight_smile:

What’s the problem/difference?

In the terrain generator I want 3 conditions to influence for now, the block (Terrain), the temperature, and the height. In the end I have decided on Sprites.

The doubts were the following:

Between Mosaic and Sprites, which forces less memory for entities on the screen?

Can multiple Sprites of the Sprite Sheep be placed in 1 Tile?

What is the best method of generating terrain?

(The mosaic can be “extended” but they are from the same block, while generating several sprites to simulate a mosaic will surely overwhelm the memory…) So it stops me in which of the 2 to launch and use…

Since my intention is a random generation and depending on the blocks that it has linked to the sides, this block changes from one Sprite to another, I think I require the Sprites for their animations, that’s why this thread, I’m sure I’m missing something, like for example “The tile can also change from Sprite if you use this tool or X which you didn’t know about until now!”

Tiled sprite is good if you don’t need to use/interact with specific individuals.
It’s good for landscape, for background, etc.
You can’t make a tiled sprite army because it’s just one object, you need many soldiers of individual sprites.
I hope that makes things clearer.

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Thanks, now I understand, so for the terrain I will require a good number of Sprites, because they interact with the character (Destructible Terrain), so the Sprites are the best resource that I can implement. I guess the last thing before closing the thread is: How many Sprites can be on the screen simultaneously? Gdevelop has a limit on the generation of Sprites, is it a limit due to its storage or am I rather limited depending on the electronic device that I use?

The limit is your device, meaning the game will get slower if it is too heavy.
You can display thousands objects without much trouble, if they’re not animated.

thanks very much! Now the admin can close this chat!