Spritesheet or similar "display image section" support

Hi there,

When we have animations, or in some cases, try to make pseudo-3D orthogonal projection rendered objects, we end up with many images. For example, my Turret game that is not even finished has 1800 files even when minimized, and is not accepted by Itch.io for upload (500 max). If you use many animated objects or effects, you can reach such limit very easily.

I propose a native support for spritesheets or a function to display only a part of the image (where we can enter coordinates of that part in an action event), in both cases, giving as an ability to use one image only for an animated object.


  • Significantly faster loading (you can reduce the image count significantly, reducing HTTP requests, and making each game with animations load faster)
  • Better support for larger projects and itch.io integration
    - No lag during gameplay while loading an animation (there is already a preload option, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s fully compatible with Smartphone exporting such as cocos2d, maybe yes, just haven’t tested it much yet, but I have previously experienced lag when a complex animation object loads, probably due to preloading disabled in editor, or other issues).

If you find this suggestion interesting, please leave a comment to support it and any opinions you may have about how the function should look and be implemented.


An update:

Something like this is available with “Tiled sprite” extension, but it’s still not nearly as simple to use as a spritesheet support. :slight_smile: