Stage level not updating

So I am having a problem where If my Towers die and break then I go to next stage which will be stage 2.But when all the towers are destroyed.They dont come back on their place the stage level does not update.This is the code.I personally think this is a bug and yes i also did change the text to the Global Variable in the start.

And if you want to see my game if ou dont understand then this is the link.I also Gave you full Attack speed​:wink::wink::wink:

So I tested it and it turns out that the variable and text work but the condition is wrong so can someone please suggest me a better condition to see if all towers are broken

What do you mean by broken? Are they deleted?

If you delete all the towers, then there will be none for the conditions in your screen shot. Use the number compare function instead of those 4 health checks: