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is it possible making your own HTML Webpage and The files is Gdevelop HTML game files and how do I do that?

“Is it possible to make your own HTML webpage with the files from GDevelop”

Yes, sure. You can export as HTML directly in Gdevelop: Manually export your game as a HTML5 game on your computer [GDevelop wiki]

The above tutorial page explains how to export and how to upload to existing hosts such as, Gamejolt, and Kongregate.

If you’re wanting to host it yourself, you will need to understand HTML coding, web hosting, and DNS. Those are outside of the purview of GDevelop and we wouldn’t be able to assist with that.

NO not that like i host my own website For example and i want make game on slushy io i want the game on MY OWN WEBSITE

Sure you need a domain and a hosting account for that domain. Then export you GDevelop project to HTML and upload to you website.

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But how do I do that???

You can host the game on and embed the game in to your website:
In the Dashboard of your project, go to Distribute
And then select Embed game

After you are going to see a long code looks something like this:

<iframe frameborder="0" src="" allowfullscreen="" width="800" height="620"><a href="">Play Your Game on</a></iframe>

Copy this code in to your website and you be able to play the game directly on your website.
The good thing about it, taking care of hosting and collecting statistics for free and your website don’t use any bandwidth.

In case you don’t know how to embed this code in to your website, you may want to look for some basic HTML tutorials on YouTube and look for HTML editing in your website builder.
In case you don’t have a website and you don’t even know how to build and host one and how to register a domain, it is something you also need search the web for answers. There are many ways to do it. Few examples:

Search for some tutorials how to use these to create websites. Some of them have free plans, others cost money.


Never mind i just used netlify