Start animation at the beginning of a scene

I’ve created a teleport animation for my character so when it goes to the next scene the teleport animation plays. But I can’t play the animation at the beginning of the scene for the next scene. It just plays its idle state. Anyone has any ideas how to do this?

You’ll need to set the animation in an “At the beginning of the scene” event.

If that’s still changing to idle, then you have an event somewhere that’s changing it.

One solution is an FSM. But instead of it being for the player states, use it for scene states. Use a variable for this, say called SceneState. You could have “Starting” as the first state, “Playing” as another state etc. Each state has an event that begins with “Value of variable SceneState = 'state_name'”, with subevents that only get run when the scene is in the specified state.

Something like:

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I will try this. Thank you so much!