start game from a specific scene

I have developed a platform game with many scenes to show different levels. The levels are Intro, scene1 to scene4. How should I make my game to start from the intro scene after compilation. The current one after compilation will always start from scene4, is it because scenel4 is the first scene on top of the list of scenes in my project manager? If it is, how should I reorder the ranking of my scenes?


The first scene in the list is the one that will be launched at the beginning.
Otherwise an action exist for "change scene ".
To reorder the list drag and drop the scene into the list.

Thank you! I don’t get what you mean drag and drop in the list. I am using Gdevelop 5. The project manager just does not have way to drag and drop. I have attached a pic and the zip file for your assistance. … 6f45aa9081

Project manager screen shot: … 62ead97bb7

Thanks again.

Indeed drag and drop is not yet there for scenes in GD5.
If you want to put a scene at the very top of the list, right click on the scene that will be first. Select “Cut” and right click on the first scene and “paste”.
Think renamed the scene!

I know this might be late but when I do this it just opens the last scene i worked on.
And if I use a “Change scene” action I can’t do anything because it keeps changing to how the scene should look like in the start.