Start joystick movement from wherever you touch

I am trying to make a game where you can move the character by touching anywhere on the screen and dragging your finger to make the character go in the direction of the drag. I was thinking of accomplishing this by creating a joystick, and then moving the center of the joystick to wherever you first touch, then hiding the joystick so it is not visible to the player. So far, I have a working joystick and I have succeeded in making move to the center of where I first touched. The only issue is, after I tap on the screen, the joystick position moves, but it does not start registering as you trying to move the character. In order to move the character, I have to tap first to move the joystick to my finger position, then I have to tap and drag again to start moving the character with the joystick. I would like to just be able to do both of these with one touch and drag. I seems like it should work with what I have already, but it doesn’t. Any ideas on how to make this work?

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Make the stick larger, works for my use case :slight_smile: .