Start/Pause Menu Help


I have a pause menu setup by following this tutorial: GDevelop - Add a Pause Menu to Your Game - Tutorial - YouTube
The pause menu works, except when I choose quit it just restarts the level, instead of changing the scene back to the start screen? What am I missing? I have it set to change back to the start screen in my level1 events:

Here is my start screen events:

Here is my pause menu in level 1. Quit game just restarts to level1, not the startscreen?:

When I change the action to StartScreen here, quitting the game in the pause menu does bring me back to the start screen correctly, but makes my start screen menu work incorrectly: Why does it fix my pause menu?

I think what happens is, it changes the scene:

But as you are still holding the Enter key so, it changes back to Level1 again

I guess the solution would be to use Key released instead of Key pressed

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You are right. Releasing the key does work, but another suggestion I got here: Change Scene does not trigger once - #3 by LloydNebulon was to do a toggle state. I looked into it and it seems confusing. Sorry, Iā€™m still a noob. Any ideas in my case? Thanks. There tends to be a bit of a delay when relying on key release.