Start scene with particles turned off?

How do I start a scene with all particle amitters turned off?

I am trying to turn off some particle emitters using the “Stop emission” action, but when I start the scene the emitters emit a couple particles before stopping completely, is there a way to just turn them off at the beginning of the scene without seeing a couple of them flying before the action kicks in?

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I would set Number of displayed particles in the object to 0 and then with action to 300.

Two more possibilities is you could start them only when a global variable emitter is true, and start it as false, or you could just create the emitter if it is say, on a treasure chest, when the character is within x # of pixels, create it at the chest (sorry, don’t know what kind of game you are making, so just an example) then delete when the character has moved out of the range.

That does not work. If the ParticlesEmitter is placed in the scene, he fires for a very short moment before the first event with a stop action is executed.

Yes creating and stopping at the beginning of the scene instead of manually placing, would work.