Starter game "Pairs" problem

I’m a newbie who’s using the starter game “Pairs” and I’m trying to make a 5x4 board instead of a 4x4 board. Two new pairs were added in objects with tween behavior. These were then added to the cards object group. I positioned 4 extra position_placeholders and the 2 pairs into the game. When tested I found that when a pair was found that sometimes 2 or 3 pairs would disappear and that the score when finished would be the old 8 points per game rather than the 10 it should be. Have I missed configuring something so as to go from 8 to ten pairs or more ?

Did you add the same object variables to the new pairs, and add them to the cards group?
It’s hard to guess :man_shrugging:

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I already added to cards group but on checking the object variables I found an error. For each object variable it’s Name was “id” and Value was “xxxx”, if card was “card_xxxx”. I had just copied 2 objects to make cards, so had to change their values. Still a problem, now only eight pairs are shown in board 10x10 grid. Two pairs are randomly thrown out.

Looks like you need to inspect some more :wink:
Good luck, and don’t forget to use the debugger to check the value of variables, it helps troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

Your help worked perfectly. The new problem was caused by an image getting accidentally removed. There was nothing to show for 2 of the pairs. No idea how that happened! So thanks for your help, it was instrumental in getting this game going.

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