Steamworks build

After one month, I’ve just finished my first game :blush:
I’ve already paid the Steam fee and my game page is on. Now I have to upload the build to Steam, but I can’t figure out how.
The main problem I’m having is: which is the correct way to export the game from GDevelop? I know I can’t just export as an app, because I think I need all the content separated to send to Steam. (btw, I’m using a mac).
The 2 last options is:
Local folder (Build the game as a HTML5 game…) and
Windows/macOS/Linux (manual) (Build the game locally and export it manually to Windows, macOS or Linux…)

I’ve tried both, and they both look like the same result: a ton of images/folders and a lot with the .js extension. I’m not sure if this is what I’m looking for…I’m really lost here.
It also raised me a question: if I upload in Steam the content from this Local folder, would it run in any OS?

Watching the tutorial Steam has (Steamworks Tutorial #1 - Building Your Content in Steampipe - YouTube) I could follow every step, even though I’m using a Mac and the guy from the video is running Windows. The problem is when he copies the content from this game to the steamworks sdk folder. His content folder doesn’t look like any of result from the GDevelop export :frowning:
Please someone help me!

The best way to do it would be the second option: Windows/macOS/Linux (manual) (Build the game locally and export it manually to Windows, macOS or Linux…). After that, I create an executable with other program and upload all to steam?


EDIT (I thought maybe it would be better make a separated comment) - maybe this can help other people.

I exported directly to windows as a zip file. It looks like fine…it has a lot of files and also an .exe file, so I’m assuming it’s ok.
I’ve already uploaded to Steamworks. Now waiting 2-5 days before approval. I will come back for further details.


I’m planning publish my game (if ever finished :grin:) on Steam too. please continue this post here.

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You seem to know more about this than we do.
As Gyuszko says, continue your feedback on the steam process , it’s very interesting and it can help a lot of peoples :slight_smile:

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My game got accepted by steam :slight_smile:
I’m going to make a tutorial about the process soon. I hope it will help people who want to publish their games on steam.


This is a great idea. Many people really need this step course. Thank you very much.

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