Steamworks Leaderboards for GDevelop

Leaderboards are very important tools in a game developer’s arsenal. They can make a simple game addictive and encourage competition among the playerbase. In today’s market however it’s difficult to include them in a game because each marketplace (such as Steam in this case) has its own rules and regulations regarding social features. That’s why I believe GDevelop would benefit greatly by allowing developers to include all kinds of leaderboards into their games.

GDevelop’s in-house leaderboard feature is not allowed by Valve because it takes players out of Steam and into a 3rd party website. Since GDevelop already supports Steamworks I propose we take this one step further and include Steam Leaderboards.

I asked around in the Steamworks Development group and they said it could be done by writing an extension using Greenworks. One thing to look out for according to the group is that the Steam Overlay may or may not work because of CEF “but everything else appears to be easy enough”.

I’m about to start experimenting with this myself but I’m not experienced with GDevelop’s inner workings and I was warned on Discord not to go at it alone using the engine’s console because of spaghetti code that will be difficult to navigate. Any help from the community would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile: