Steamworks Leaderboards

How can we add Steam Leaderboards as actions in the Events of our games? (with the latest Steamworks feature). Achievements and Workshop options are visible but not Leaderboards.

P.S. I know GDevelop has an in-house leaderboard feature but I’m not asking about that one because Steam forbids it as a 3rd party webpage. I want to know about Steam Leaderboards exclusively. Thanks :slight_smile:

The reply I got from Silver-Streak! on Discord:

The steamworks module recently implemented (steamworks.js) doesn’t support steam leaderboards, so there isn’t a native method. You’d have to build an implementation using steams API (if it exists). Not sure if it could be done through pure js events our youd need to build out a node js module.

My reply:

If I were to write the code myself, were would I begin?
Step by Step: Leaderboards (Steamworks Documentation)
There’s code in this tutorial. Can’t I simply copy-paste it inside the game using GDevelop’s console? If the contributor who built the steamworks feature could build achievements and workshop as native actions inside the engine then surely there’s a way to add leaderboards

Silver-Streak!'s reply:

Maybe, you’d have to test.

As far as your next question, no not necessarily. The contributor built steamworks by integrating steamworks.js, GitHub - ceifa/steamworks.js: A steamworks implementation for nw.js/electron games, it wasn’t built from scratch. That system doesn’t include leaderboards, so there is likely reasons as to why