Stick Body parts together

I want to Create a Caracter wich Body parts are seperate and wants to stick them together as in the mobile game “Beat the Boss”. Any Idea to do it? Tried to do something with the pyhsics behavior but i could not figure it out.
Would be very thankful if someone can help me.

Check this: [url]Gibbing instead of usual death animation]

EDIT: Mmmh, checking a gameplay I think you need the physics behavior with multiple joints, I guess you are doing this already. The problem is calculating the joints positions, because they’re in function of the objects mass center.

Thnaks for answer but i tried it with the joins. my caracter can stand but as i move it it rotate at a invisible axe and than it "
explodes" and all parts fly away :confused:
BTW i use GDevelop 5

To do that i create a point in (example) “Part A” Called “Point C” And in the “Part B” a “Point D” then i do the “Point D” of “Part B” Position = to “Point C” of “Part A” you can create points in the sprite (animation ) editor.