Stop movement on x or y axis

I have an object following another on the x axis but it keeps falling on the y axis. (I’ve added a force for it go downward) But when it hits the floor I want to stop moving down, but not left or right. How to accomplish this? Thank you for reading and/or helping.

Try adding the separate action to move object away from floor.
Or stop applying the Y force once the object is at desired Y.

Would I use the “Stop object” action. That would stop the entire object. Would I then just apply the X force again? Also is there an action that only gives X or Y force or can you just leave the other blank?

Stopping the object may not be enough if you don’t stop applying force to it.
Hard to give you a good answer without seeing your events, though.

Well thank you for the help. Yesterday I did figure out my own way to do it. I was like brainstorming for a few hours : ) Then today when I woke up I realized I forgot to save, but thank fully I quickly got everything back in to working order.

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Maybe you’d like to share your solution for future readers. :wink:

Yes ofcourse. My solution may not be the best but hey, it works. So I was making a system where I purchase something and after place it down. I wanted there to be a “shadow” of the building under my mouse so I did not always have to pixel perfectly place on the ground. My issues at the time of the post was that I was adding a permanent for my building to do down, but I scrapped that idea. Instead I made it so that the shadow hovered a certain distance from the building my mouse was holding.

So “Farmshad” being the shadow and “Farm1hov” being the farm that is locked to my mouse like this: These are in the same event with no conditions, and all I did was make it so when the shadow collided with the floor it would seperate the 2 objects. Like this: . I also have a system that when my mouse hits the floor the current shadow is deleted and new is made on the lower floor. So I can build on other floors. This is the result: Move Hopefully this helps : )

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