Strange problem

I want to apologize in advance for not explaining my situation very clearly here. I just honestly have no idea what causes this and I have so many events that I don’t know what I should share. However I’ll share what I think might be important.

I’m making an topdown-rpg. I have a very standard dialogue system. My problem is that when I start my game in my bedroom scene, the dialogue box doesn’t seem* to appear at all UNLESS I walk out to my sewer scene and come back to the bedroom. If I do that, it works perfectly well.

I added the dialogue system to the sewer scene too and started the game from there for testing purposes. Now the dialogue system works well UNTIL I visit the bedroom?!

What I know:

-The dialogue box doesn’t actually disappear, it’s just off screen. My sprites are all zoomed to 6, except my dialogue stuff layer, which was to 3. I set it to 1 for testing purposes. When it’s 1, it’s seems to appear to the same place on the screen in all situations (immediately after starting, before going to bedroom, after going to bedroom). Here’s a picture:

However, when I start from the sewer scene with “zoom to 1 .1 layer: dialog, camera”, this is how it appears:
Now let me visit the bedroom, come back, and start the dialogue again:
There it is. Almost off the screen.

-This is not about the dialogue box somehow disappearing under other sprites.

-The debugger notices no changes between the situations. No difference in dialogue box position, angle, layer, z-order or visibility.

Help I’m lost

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To me it sounds like the dialogue layer camera’s position is changing. If it’s a UI type layer, why use zoom on it?

I don’t remember why I chose to do so - it was long time ago. Probably had something to do with the fact that bitmap fonts (which I use) are pretty terrible to work with, at least in my opinion. It’s just a hassle. I think I just got it to look good using zoom and never looked back.

I can try to resize things so no zoom is needed, but I’d still like to know what could be causing this kind of camera position change.

Hello everyone. I just noticed that I have a larger problem here. Multiple objects become misplaced when I change the scene. They appear in the correct spot when I preview the game starting from the scene in question but disappear when I exit the room and come back.

It seems to affect objects that are differently zoomed in than the others (most assets are zoomed 6x). The disappearing object is 12x.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this?