String sheet (for variables)

Main use would for for objects likely,

Example image of a button on object variable sheet

The “button” on the right would go to a different screen, that would be kind of like this

The point? Well it would be cool if there could be a screen for a individual variable to have a list of usable strings, so you’d go on that screen to select one of those variables to send the string text to the variable automatically, this would mean nearly everything for objects, now you could just go on the list and click a button to give a variable a string. as you can see on the list there is a spot for an image, an optional thing would be cool that you can add a picture to it, representing what the string will do? With or without it would be useful

If it’s confusing, read this maybe? I’ll explain again.

You can go on the variable sheet as usual, (same if your giving an instance a string)

You can type in the string as usual, or. You can add an entire new menu for strings you’ve added for that particular variable, which you can select, and depending on it, it adds the string to the variable. And optionally you can add an image to make it (easier to find?) It. This would work for giving instance objects this aswell.

Scene variable use? Well this feature (should) work in event sheet, so I’m guessing you could make a scene variable 'music" and give it a list of options. Then from the event sheet you can select the string, and whichever song is selected can be decided through the events.

Global variable use? Haven’t thought of any.

Object variable use? This is the one I mainly refer to, objects have so many functions needed, so it could be overwhelming to manually type in a string for each variable, so it could be used for, basically, everything to do with strings.

EDIT: img 1 is meant to be an updated version of variable sheet,

Img 2 is meant to be the string sheet,
Note that I just call it string sheet, and the name possibly isn’t valid for it.

FYI: This type already exists for extension / function parameters. For consistency, it would be best to copy the methodology. In some languages like VB this is enumeration (Enum).

Interesting, but what does it do?

You add a parameter of that type and when you use the function it adds the choices in a dropdown list.

Event sheet


I see, it has most of the formula for it, just can’t be used the same way.