Struggling to get 3D sound to work

My game is supposed to have a rock band playing in a mall, and I’d like to make the sound dependent on distance and angle to the band. Please help, I’m struggling to get 3D sound to work and have been banging my head against this since before development for this jam.

It’s supposed to have the crowd cheer, and the singer talks, then the next song plays.

The songs choices should be in a loop while the audience and singer SFXs are random from 3 files.

What is it doing that it’s not supposed to? Or what isn’t it doing that you are expecting it to do?

And I see your mixing sound and music. My understanding is one is streamed from the file, the other loaded into memory and then played.

So you may want to keep is all as one type. Have a read of the Wiki on playing a sound or music to work that one out

I don’t understand all these things it’s asking me.

I read the documentation, it’s very good. But it does not address the concept of 3D sound at all. This is through the three.js extension created by PANDAKO, it’s like proximity and surround sound.

I’ve had a little play round with the sound. I don’t understand how that 3D sound is supposed to work.

For spatial sound that comes with GDevelop, I found positioning the listener and moving the sound source seemed to work, but not the other way round (which you would expect to work). And I must admit I don’t understand why, or if it’s a limitation of the spatial sound.

So basically I just have to do it manually?
Just one of those things huh?
Is it cool if I keep this thread/post open for another day or two to see if anyone else suggests an alternative before I call it solved?

Yeah, I think so. The spatial sound appears to be just stereo, and I don’t think there’s the chance of having binaural sound playing, even with 3D sound.

You could make an extension for it if one doesn’t already exist, once the game jam is over.

It’s up to you how long you want to keep this thread open for. Maybe the GDevelop devs will come across this and correct me if I’m wrong.