Struggling With Multitouch

So to start off, this here is basically what my game looks like at the moment. It’s sort of like Pong crossed with Breakout, however a player can touch the empty area behind their brick wall to create a ball, and then slide their finger away, and when they pick up their finger, the ball fires towards the position their finger was at.

In testing, I can create one ball at a time just fine, fire it, and creating another ball doesn’t affect any of the balls already in play, that all works fine, however, the idea is that two people would be able to play, each one presumably firing balls into play at the same time.
So here’s where I start running into issues. I press my left finger to the screen, and a ball is created, then i slide my finger away, but I leave it on the screen. Then, I press my right finger to the screen, and instead of creating the second ball where i pressed my right finger, it creates the ball at whatever position mt left finger is at.
If i lift my right finger, the second ball fires off, but then, once I raise my left finger after raising my right finger, the first ball doesn’t move at all.
I’ve been struggling with this for quite a while and hope I can find some assistance. Below is a screencap of all the events relevant to ball creation and touch

That’s such a great idea for a game. I have a similar (but different) multiplayer game that I made on Stencyl that I’m trying to port over.

Is the problem that the variable should be LastEndedTouchId() and not LastTouchId()? I’m trying to find the documentation for it now.

Actually, ignore my response. I’m out of my depth.

Could you have two different BallSpawner objects, not just two different instances?