Struggling with the "Or" option

I am trying to have my game change the animation of a sprite when the button is pressed.

It works fine to have either action separately produce the same result:

But not when I use the “Or” condition:

This is where I am struggling because the wiki states:
“If the “Or” condition is used in an event, the action/s are performed when one or more than one sub-conditions are true. If none of the sub-conditions are true, the action is not performed.”

I am new to this but trying to understand why the second one does not function.

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There is nothing anormal is these captures.
I’ve recreated your events and it’s working fine.

Attention there is no difference between LControl and RControl, the engine understand these two input as one.


Thank you for checking!

It sounds like I am correctly understanding the use of the “Or” function but for some reason it’s not working on my game, likely due to a conflict somewhere else.

I will search for the conflict.

When something seem doesn’t work, think to always recreate the event in a empty scene, and use simple events, maybe here you have a issue with the animation of A_button.

Tip: I use always the action Set background color for debug my conditions, this is simple and work perfectly.
If the color doesn’t change, then i have a issue with the condition.

When i know that, i delete my conditions and recreate them one by one.

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Hmmm…just to test, throw a “Trigger once” condition in there (Outside of the OR statement). It may be because it’s trying to activate for either condition at the same time each frame.

Otherwise that should totally work