Students degrees how to access for the teacher?

I created an exam for a group of students, everyone has a password to get in, and I will give everyone his password, When he enters with his right pass he will see an input text to write his name and begin to answer questions when he finishes the app move him to a scene with results for all If he tried to enter again, he will find himself in the result’s scene, So he cannot re-exam, All of that I did already, But I want the teacher to enter with his pass directly to result’s scene, I did that but I see degrees without names, I tried a lot but couldn’t find a solution.
Example: A student entered with a pass (m) or (k) - for the first two students - and wrote his name in input text called(write_your_name) I used that code:

Oh, It’s so difficult to explain all of the codes, So I will Upload the file here for those who want to help.
In question 1, the right answer is the second choice.

I can’t help with an answer but I might be able to help you get a quicker response.

What type of devices are the students using? Computers, Chromebooks, cellphones or some other type of device? School or personal devices.

You said they login and then you login in afterwards. Do you log into the app on each device? Are the devices connected to anything like a database or some other centeral service or device? Are you using storage to save the user data?

Are they entering a name and it isn’t showing or are they not entering a name? Are they taking the test for multiple people?

I’m not sure what the main issue is and other people here probably feel the same way.

We want to help but we need as much relavent info as possible without it feeling too overwhelming.

Most people are unlikely to download a project. You’ll get a quicker response with a screenshot of the relevant events or a snapshot of the screen. You could also upload a video of the problem spot to a site like YouTube and share a link.

What you’ve created so far sounds amazing. With enough information I’m sure someone here can help you.

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The issue is here( I see degrees without names), It will be a web app for all devices, I mean in a web site, I will try to make a video for that, But my file is trusted, I’m here for years.

I now learned some of the reasons for your questions, indeed I save the results of the students through using storage, and the program on a web page, and I discovered that it is related to the device itself, so I never see their degrees, and this means that I need something like a database, what I do?

I have no experience with databases or any type of interconnected behaviors. I know there are various methods.

You can check the forum and the Wiki. I’m sure there are people more familiar with the subject than me.

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