Sub-event outdent / indent

It would be very helpful to have an editor option that lets one select a block of events and either indent (make them sub-events) or outdent (make them non-sub-events). This can be very handy when the developer realizes that the event condition wasn’t really needed and wants to move all of the sub-events up one level as shown below.



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You can try to drag them with the mouse and change them from subpevents to events.

Steliosm thank you for the suggestion, however dragging a large number of event lines can be an issue:

  • making multiple event lines sub-events can be tedious and prone to error (especially if they shift order)
  • moving multiple event lines up a level must be done in bottom up order or the events can get out of order.

My suggestion is to allow a block of events to be shifted all at the same time rather than line by line.