Suggestion: Allow asset windows to be pop out windows

I would like to suggest a feature. Currently all of GDevelop is confined to a single window. We have the ability to adjust windows within the GDevelop window, but I have found that it can still be quite cluttered. I am suggesting that asset windows (objects, layers, properties, etcetera) be made to become a separate window if dragged off screen. Allowing this for tabs would also be beneficial. I think this would be a major boon to peoples work flow, especially for those with multiple monitors. I’d like to know what you think about this, especially if you’re a dev or someone who knows a thing or two about GDevelop.

If there is a way to do this that I have been unable to figure out, I apologize.


There are plenty of people who are in the same boat as you. Whilst there has been quite a few QOL improvements to the editor over the last 12 months there are still some big ticket items we’re hopeful for :smiley:

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Hi y’all!
This is Luni, the Product Designer at GDevelop.
I’m looking at this demand and I’m interested in learning more.

You mentioned 2 benefits of moving windows around:

  1. Unclogging the interface: which windows do you have open when creating a video game? (Layers, objects, object groups…) Can you post a screen capture, please?

  2. Wanting to move some windows to other screens: do you have a fixed working station with 2 monitors where you create your games?

Looking foreword for your reply!

Thanks for taking an interest in my suggestion. I do feel the need to clarify that this is merely a suggestion and I’m not making any demands here. Sadly, my PC is down to yet another PSU failure so I won’t be able to grab screenshots for you. When I was working in GDevelop I had the properties, objects, layers, instances, and a fifth window that I didn’t use too much but was handy to have there when I needed it. I would have them in a horseshoe like shape around the editor window. I did work with 2 monitors.

I was able to find a workaround of sorts. If I didn’t maximize the window it wouldn’t snap to a single monitor and I could resize it across both screens. From there I could resize each asset window to fit properly. It worked, well enough I suppose, but had some quirks. I hope that this helps you out. Thanks for helping create a great software for us.

Hi Hidiety,
Thank you for your response with the explanation.
Do post a picture when you have your PC back!

Additional questions:

  1. Do you think that having 90% of the App on you main screen and 10% on the other is a good hack for “unclogging” your workspace?

  2. Why?

My main gripe that I think this suggestion would solve has to do mostly with the objects and properties browsers. It doesn’t take long to fill those up to then have to scroll through the list to find what I’m looking for.

I don’t remember if there was a search function in those browsers, but I’m a visual person so I’d just scroll through anyway. If those browsers could be popped out there would be much less scrolling. If the new window could be set to have multiple columns that would greatly reduce scrolling and have most things right there, at a glance. Even users with a single monitor could benefit by quickly “alt tabbing” to other windows.

Those 2 browsers take up the most space on the screen, outside of the level editor. Being able to take them to another window would allow the editor window to be much larger, giving users a better overall look of their level, or the ability to zoom in to the perspective of the player when the game is running. The benefits from being able to do that, in my opinion, would be having the ability to notice any errors or necessary design changes without having to do a quick test run. The larger window would also help with building the level a bit faster. More space to place sprites before having to scroll over means more time building and less time adjusting the camera.

These are just my opinion though and others may not agree that there would be any benefit. As a side note, I think I remembered what the 5th browser mentioned was. I think it was the object groups.

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