Suggestion: Autosave improvement

Hi there,

Due to this issue happening recently to one of my project files, I would like to recommend an autosave function improvement. For some reason, there was no autosave made in the project folder for many hours.

The upgrade is to make it so that every backup file should be named differently, so we can restore a specific file (prior to e.g. deleting some important events or making another kind of mistake that affects the project).

Files could be named like this:
ProjectName+backup+DateStamp.gdg (or ProjectName+DateStamp.backup.gdg).

We can revert to states if we use a tool like Git in our project folder, but this would be simpler to use and automatic.

As a kind of a rolling autosave feature, it should also have an option to configure the maximum amount of files, before the first autosave will be overwritten (e.g save 1-10 states with 10 minutes between each - there’s no real reason to add any limit to the maximum number a user can choose, just an example).

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Yep, this is old, but gold.
My computer got stuck and as I have forgot to save, I have lost some hours of work… :tired_face:
An automatic autosave could be fabulous!

GD has autosave since April 2019?!

@ars_creativa Please don’t bump 3 year old threads. Additionally, Autosave has been in GD5 since 2019.

You need to enable it in settings.

I know that there is an “autosave on preview option”, but that also works automatically? I mean, autosaving every 10-20 minutes, for example?

Sorry, I misunderstood you. No, there is not a timed autosave. It’s upon preview.