[Suggestion] Categories for developers and devlogs at Liluo.io


I did not pay lot of attention to Liluo.io until now.
Recently a demo was released on the platform which got my attention however there is no way to follow up the project and get notified if a new updated is released.

So I think it would be nice if:

  1. I could login using my GDevelop account and follow the project and get notified if the project got an update

  2. Allow developers to actually post dev logs and notify followers if there is an update.

  3. Comment section so developers can get feedback directly on the platform

  4. Maybe even a dedicated forum so developers can open topics dedicated to feedback, bug reports, ideas…etc similar to itch.io

This particular game I would like to follow fortunately is also available at itch.io so I can follow the project on that platform, but if it was not the case then I think it would be nice if Liluo would also offer this feature for developers.

I have also noticed even though I have never released a game at Liluo, there is currently one game listed under my profile as my game. Now I do appreciate the credit whoever decided to add me as a developer but I think Liluo should do a better job at pointing out what games I made personally and what games I have only contributed to.

My suggestion is to sort games in to 2 categories under the developer profiles at Liluo.

  1. Games they made

  2. Games they contributed to

So then, when someone upload a game directly the game goes under category 1. and if you get only credited as a contributor it is goes under category 2.

Could be useful to have a third category too:

  1. Highlights

So then developers could flag projects from category 1. and 2. to be display here at the top of their profile page.
Maybe even allow me to decided if I would like to publicly display category 1. 2. and 3. on my profile page.

Also reflect this at the game’s page and list developers in to 2 categories

  1. Developed by:

  2. Contributors:

There could be only 1 developer the account it is get uploaded from and multiple contributors that only the developer can edit.
Maybe also add one more category

  1. Team members

In case the developer would like to emphases who is a member of the developer team and who was only contributing with something but not a member of the team.

Just to keep things tidy. Imagine someone in the future would like to use their Liluo profile page as their home page or portfolio page. It would be not sufficient if games they have only contributed to and have no control of get mixed with the actual projects they have developed and would like to showcase on their profile page.

An other aspect to consider here, imagine if a developer get popular and lots of people visit their profile page at Liluo to play their games or see what games they have recently released. It seems currently others can just add any developers to their projects to get listed on their profile page and get free exposer this way. Long term as Liluo may get more popular, it is certainly has to change.

Thank you.


We already think to a big part of these items you listed.
I follow up your suggestions to the product team :wink:

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Yeah, all good feedback here, Liluo is very barebone for now and I think there is things to do (like at least allowing feedback directly on the platform!). And the creator profiles are also quite barebone, a lot to do to improve these (it’s a matter of deciding what’s first to do). Anything that would encourage feedback between players and creators will be useful.

Thanks, keeping a note on these :slight_smile:

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