Suggestion: editable base rotation

Especially for top-down games you have to keep in mind, that the base rotation of an object (0°) is showing to the right / east. When you use make the mistake to paint all your assets to show up / north, you have to rotate every sprite or convert your angle by code.
In my first attempt to mke a top-down game i had a car that refuses to drive forward (up-key = fwd, left/right-key to steer) but only drove sidewayse.

Maybe it is posible to set a initial rotation of an object? I don’t want do change that 0° = right / east but just want to set an objects initial rotation to 270 for example.

I hope you understand that explaination, because english isnt my first language.

Thanks for the suggestion, and I agree this can be useful. :slight_smile:

However, as a simple solution for now, I can offer this:

Right click on image file, and use Rotate left or Rotate right in Windows:

It works with multiple images too (if you want to rotate multiple images).