[Suggestion]Quit the game should quit preview

This is more of suggestion than bug report, so I’ll put this here. When previewing game, Scene>>Quit game action doesn’t work. I was freaked a bit because of it because I thought it is another bug. So I compiled game to see if in compiled it will be this too. But game exited normally where it should.

So there is my suggestion: In Preview Mode when Quit Game command is used, game should be back to edit mode (preview mode should be exited).

Also please move change current scene/quit game stuff to Game Window since it more belong there and that was first place I looked for stuff like it (and probably other newbies will look in Game Window too).

The game will be quitted in the compiled game.

He know it.

I think it’s enough the compiled game is quitted. In the status bas, a message is displayed when the game should be quitted.

There are already messages displayed in the status bar when the game should be closed or when a scene change would be made.
I can try to make these messages more visible by moving them to an “Info bar” which would appear on the top of the scene editor.

…or maybe just exit preview? This way it’ll be more intuitive and more faithful to normal game behavior in such situation.