Suggestions for video game frameworks or engines

Hi! I’ve been learning JavaScript and I think I’m ready to take the next step and code my games. Do you know any framework or videogame engine that allows me to program? Thank you!

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I think you can program for GDevelop. If you right click on the events editor → “add other” → add Javascript code, is this what you’re looking for?

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No, I’m actually looking for a framework or game engine other than Gdevelop that can be programmed all with code (without events). It could also be a version of Gdevelop with only code (I don’t know if it exists)

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I think this topic is too advanced for me :stuck_out_tongue:

If I wanted to program with only code I would use…a text editor?

So I’m going to close this thread as this forum is specifically for GDevelop rather than developing with other systems.

However, if you aren’t looking to develop in GDevelop, I strongly recommend checking out

The creator of that site, Mike, has done reviews of pretty much every game engine and game framework that actively exists, and a few that don’t.

Best of luck!