Super Meat Boy blood stains?

is there a way to make that when a character dies, it stains the walls with blood “i am making a platformer”

Hello! I actually made a basic stain system for an abandoned project, and i think it could help you make your own!

The way i did it, was when i wanted a splatter to happen (let’s assume player death as an example) i created a few platformer objects called droplets in the player’s location, and gave them random speed and jump powers. Once a droplet landed on the floor, it would create a stain object on the floor, and delete the droplet. If you want it to go in all directions, maybe randomised angles and a collision check between a droplet and a “stainable” surface could do the similar trick, as long as you figure out how to angle the stain properly depending on if it’s on the roof, walls, or floor. Aka, Using projectiles is a fun way to make things happen, and it automatically gives the death a juicy effect to go along with it.