Support 3D using three.js


I have been playing around with this 3D library for a game jam I’ll participate and so far I like it since it can load a lot formats out of the box (like .vrm models) and is light weight (I had a consistent 60fps in a mid tier smartphone).

Since it is a JS library. Wouldn’t it be compatible to add it to Gdev and provide 3D support? sure it will need to add support for the visual scripting editor and it’s not something that can be done quickly but at least it is viable. I’m currently very interested in three.js and what will come when webGPU is available (three.js team is already working on a webGPU renderer) so I could become a contributor in the Gdev repo and help implement it (I don’t think I can pull it all by myself but I can definitely help) if GD community is interested on it.

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Hey :wave:!
Thanks for your interest and proposition !
Unfortunately, 3D is not a goal of the engine. For now, there is much work left to do on the 2D engine and adding 3D would add too much complexity for the users and to the codebase. Maybe in the future, once the codebase is a bit more mature, it may be reconsidered if the project maintainer 4ian thinks it is a good idea.

Personally, I think 3D is so different that to properly do it without ruining the user experience for making 2D games, it would require making a full fork of GDevelop dedicated to 3D.


Ok cool :+1: yeah I understand the UX part, I also thought it should have been something like: Do you want to make a 2D or 3D game question before the start of each project (Just like Cocos creator separated 2D and 3D before and now it is just one).

I agree on the fork.
G3Develop(c) :grin: