Support for Cyrillic

Come on, Google Translate, show me your power!

Um … is it possible to add support for Cyrillic text?

I guess it mostly depends of the font used for your language. Sorry, I’m still learning more about Game Develop, but you would try find a font which supports Cyrillic and distribute with your game.

The editor is built with unicode support so it should support such characters. But I’m not sure about this concerning the game engine, could be explain more precisely which part of Game Develop does not accept cyrillic characters ? :slight_smile:

Oh … I suppose I should have done it in the first place -)

In editor russian text displays fine, but in the game (in the preview and test play) the text looks like this:

The same font in Construct Classic:

Ummm… well?

Sorry, I must admit that it is not a priority issue for me until I release the new version.
I’ve made some experiments, some tweaks in the Text object allows it to display all unicode characters ( So Cyrillic also ). But files are currently saved using plain ANSI characters so I need to perform others changes in GD so as to fully support all characters.
I’ll try to integrate it for the next version as it is going to bring some important changes.

Oh, it’s nothing!
I do not demand immediate execution right now, just wanted to know if this is possible -)
You are doing an incredible job, and what do you plan support of cyrillic undoubtedly awesome.

Will it be done soon? Same problem with Polish letters (żółćęśąźń).

Um… Bump?