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I know few of us already asked about supporting third party softwares, even commercial. Lot of us, i guess, and it’s my case, are using softwares like spine2D or spriter. I would love to be able to have full benefits of using these softwares with Gedevelop.

What decided me to ask for this features is that i saw that spine support for SFML, cocos2D, etc. The full list of supported runtime become bigger and bigger with time :

So idk how much work/times it requires, if the features with SFML are stable and compatible with Gdevelop engine, etc. But for sure it might a “+”.

What do you think, other Gdevelop users, and of course dear devs ?


Il faut acheter Spline pour l’utiliser à d’autres fins que personnelles et de test. Donc, ce n’est pas possible de l’intégrer dans GDevelop.

(English Victor ^^ :wink:)

I don’t talk about integrate it, but interface it, there are a lot of features coming with this software, but basically it’s about bone system, sprite export, etc.

The problem is the same with spriter about commercial software.

If you remember i was really interested inyour “old” unsupported bones extension for Gdevelop :slight_smile:

No, but even to integrate the Spline “intepreter” and use Spline objects in a game engine, we need to buy a license.

Spriter has a free/basic version I think, but looks ugly for me, doesn’t look as cool as Spine does (just watching videos here hehe). Anyway, developing an extension (and buying a licence) that requires the users to buy a software or download a limited version is not a good idea for a free software as GD, it is possible, but not great IMHO :neutral_face:
There is at least one free alternative out there, there is DragonBones, part of a suite of applications for the chinese game engine Egret. But as everything it has pros and cons, DragonBones doesn’t run on Linux (because the Adobe AIR dependence) :frowning:

Dragonbone is horrible ! I gave it a try, and seriously, it’s not my thing ! Spriter is simple, but “too” simple with some weird things that happens, i have the pro version and the new version are better and better… but clearly it’s not to the level of spine. If i ask about spine, it’s because a friend of me is working on it with unity, and it’s pretty awesome to see the 2 softwares works togethers. He told me that spriter have similar features and connections with unity.

In fact it’s not clear as i ask it for Gdevelop, but what i saw with spine/unity just make me :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

:wink: I guess yes… Well forgot about it then !! But i’ would be happy to have an advanced bone system directly in GD and easy to use.

Which reminds me, if GD has interfaces (other than using javascript hack) that allow you to manuplate graphics on screen, it would be great.

For example, a dummy sprite that doesn’t actually display, but it provides a interface that allows 3rd party code to use the canvas. I have some ideas in mind, for example, display 3d models, while still using gd’s platform logic to do hit detection.

:smiley: I hope you can understand what I mean, I’m not good at explaining things using English.

I was just looking for the same thing, a Spine 2D interpreter for Gdevelop. Just want to mention that Esoteric, the company that creates Spine 2D, is really open and willing to make their animations and software compatible with as many other engines as possible, and would probably not require any license at all.
Plus their exports are saved in javascript json format, which is compatible with Gdevelop.

Just wanted to put this out there, in case there is other interest.

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I was thinking Gdevelop has the ability to have sprites if we could create a custom object with Sprites as children and use custom points as bones to connect them together. We just need a way to import the JSON data from a file. There doesn’t seem to be a way to ask for file input for custom objects, to my knowledge.

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This Spine feature will be in the next release 5.3.187!
We would like to hear your feedbacks about it.


Hi @Bouh !

This is an awesome announcement! Thank you for sharing it here !