SVG in editor to create collisions

I don’t know how hard this would be to be implemented.

But maybe we can use SVG lines to delineate collisions part of our platformer levels in editor.

This could solve the problem we have with Tiled and other external tools to create collisions for our maps. withou the need to load json maps…and other sh…ts…

We already have the curve line extension that works very well in GD. We may use the grid snap to add lines which will works as collision detection.

This way could be a lot easier to create corners, slopes, curved surface in general and avoid the part to place platformer objects above our tiles to simulate collisions.

A lot easier and i think a lot faster than anything we have rite now.
a 2 lines color could be added to detect the side of collision.

And we may use a different colored lines (or even 2d geometries) to create passthrough platforms.

…in the end we may use svg to create anything…

each point snapped on the grid will have x.y coordinates and collison can be calculated