Swapping sprites with button press

Hello! I’m trying to change my character to the same character I have made with just a weapon in hand when I press Num1. However, I can’t figure out the best way to disable the other character when the Num1 key is pressed and swapped to the sprite with the sword in hand, then when I press Num2, it swaps back to the normal sprite. Hopefully, that makes sense. I have tried to delete the normal sprite, but I don’t know how to re-add it later and make the animations for that play.

Thanks for any responses, I’m scratching my head a bit on a solution.

Duplicating object and deleting and creating one depending of if 1 or 2 is pressed would not fit you?

My goal is to have one sprite with animations already there, and when I select a weapon in my hotbar it swaps the sprite to another sprite with animations that I have with said weapon in hand. Then when I select any other slot it will use a normal default sprite, or a custom one depending on the item.

Then you would need to use animation names and then use string variables

For example you call your animation where player is walking down without sword
Now you add new animation and add there imgaes of your player with sword walking down and call it

Now all you need to do is to make variable that you set to 0 if sword is not equipped
And to 1 if it is equipped
For example lets call that number variable SwordOn lets make it scene variable

And so you use action set animation by name (NOT NUMBER)
And you put in there exactly this with quotes

And now with that action you can put condition to it like key pressed S or Arrow Down

And so animation will change to walk down depending on if you have sword equipped which dictates value of SwordOn variable to be 0 or 1
YOur animation will be walking down with sword or without it