Swinging a pebble... (Angry Birds)

I’m making Angry Birds clone, but I am unable to do single most important thing in this game: implement a slingshot. Any help/examples on how to do this?

//edit: I know about Angry Peas, but I want to do it like original Angry Birds did, like using slingshot (force is added when user moves mouse in opposite direction from one he’s launching to).

Well, opossite force angle = force angle + 180º :wink:

Anyway, check this out, I explain it in the comments:
AngryHog.rar (9.31 KB)

I know its 2021 but I have to ask if you have that example running in develop 5 ?.
I tried to open it and even change to .json but it doesnt work.

Do not bump 7 year old posts. This would have been for a completely different version of GDevelop and is unlikely to be compatible.