Swipes in the game

Hi! I want to use swipes in my game. I found the “Swipe Detector” extension in the program, but I can’t figure out how to use it.

Please read the descriptions before installing extensions.

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Unfortunately, I could not understand from this instruction how to use swipes to control my player.

You would need to explain exactly where you’re stuck, I’ve never used it.

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A game of the “Snake” type. At first I made the player control with four on-screen buttons, but it’s not very convenient. The finger often misses. I want to make it so that when swiping to the left, the player moves to the left, when swiping to the right, the player moves to the right, when swiping down, he moves down, when swiping up, he moves up. I’ve been studying this extension for two days, but I still haven’t figured out how to implement it.

From what I understand, I’d use it like this:

swipe condition + direction expression (using the ‘compare two strings’ condition), as stated in the description.

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Everything worked! I am very grateful to you! I couldn’t have done it alone. How simple everything turned out to be. Thank you very much!