I’m trying to swipe an object. I don’t like “draggable” behavior because it doesn’t play well with the Physics behavior.
I want to swipe objects left right up and down a set distance each swipe.

Do +32 to the X position of Object

But I can’t get the conditions right.

Thank you

Ok, I know this one’s old, but in case anyone else has a similar question or is hoping for an answer when they come across this question:

Set up an event ‘A new touch has started’, and in the action grab the touch Id and position into variables.

Set up another event ‘A touch has ended’ and check it’s for the touch Id from the event started. In the actions, work out which motion (vertical or horizontal) has the greatest difference between the touch start and end positions. A positive difference indicates left/up, a negative difference is a down/right swipe.

Hope this helps someone.

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