Switching scene when touching right/left border?

Hello there. Yes, I know it is a pretty dumb question, but I am noob at this, so please bear with me.

I am doing a platformer game for school, and I have already made the first scene, that looks like this:

Everything works fine, but I want the player to be able to go to the next scene when the character touches the border of the layer. I have searched some conditions with words like “border”, “layer”, or “touching”, but I didn’t find any that seemed to be helpful.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Looks good so far.

I think all you need to do is have a condition that checks the X position of the character and if it is greater than the X co-ordinate of the right of the screen, then change the scene.

Something like:

The X position of Jugador is >1280 | Change for scene "Scene 2"

I don’t know how big your game window is, so change 1280 to whatever the mouse shows you when you move it to the edge of the game window in the scene editor. You can find the position check condition in All Objects>Position>Compare X position of an object.

If you want the player to be able to leave the first scene in any direction you would just change the condition to an “Or” condition (found in Advanced) and then include the extra position checks:

The X position of Jugador is <0
The Y position of Jugador is <0
The Y position of Jugador is >720