Switching Scenes - Return To Main Menu or Home

Hello everyone. I have a sequence of three scenes like this:

Main Menu (Home) → Level Intro → Level 1

“Home” contains a button called Start. I have set the events such that when the Start button is clicked or touched, "change the scene to “Level Intro”.

And then, the intro page has some animations and when they are finished, I used the same event “change the scene to ‘Level 1’”.

In level 1, I have a Primary Menu on the GUI layer, that has the button to return to Main Menu (Home) scene. The event I have used is when the button is clicked or touched, “change the scene to ‘Home’”.

For some reason, it is momentarily showing the Main Menu scene, then immediately changing the scene to the intro and then back to level 1, without the user interaction. By the way, this is for the Android games and testing done in Android.

What mistakes am I doing here? What should be the proper conditions and events to transition between the scenes? Like, in Level 1, if I press the return to the main menu button, it is immediately switching the scene when went to the main menu scene. Is there any proper game example with these events setup made for android only?

Thank you.