Sync animation using repeat every X seconds

I have a Piston Object and it should change its animation frame every 0.125 seconds, but every piston is synced, no matter when its placed, if i would just use an animation, a piston spawned later on in the game would not be synced. So i tried using the repeat every x second extension but over the time the animation is of, cause there is a slight delay that adds up over time. i have a song that should sync to the animation, and because of the delay its offsync. How can I sync it without a delay, i dont has to be using repeat x seconds

I dont have anything to show because i tried other methods that didnt work too

If i understand you correct you actually want all pistons to by synced?

If so why not make boolean variable which toggles from false to true
Where when it does that you use repeat for each condition for all pistons to change animation

And now you only use that repeat each X seconds to control state of that boolean variable
Just don’t make it object variable
Make it either scene or global

i tried something like that but when i use repeat every 0.125 seconds, it waits 0.125 seconds, then takes one frame to toggle it and than starts the timer again, ths one frame is the problem