Syntax for object array

What is the syntax to make an array of object variables?
Something like this:

But with an object:


And can the array be 2d on object variables?

You access a scene variable dynamically this way:


So you can access an object variable this way:


As you wrote, but you have an extra “(” after the “x” :wink:

Objects variables are the same as scene or global variables in the way they are all variables, stored in variables containers, with the same properties. The only difference is where the variables are stored: global variables are stored in the game, scene variables in each scene, and objects variables in each object instance :slight_smile:
So the answer is: If you can do a 2D array in a scene variable, you can do it in an object variable too :smiley:

EDIT: Here is an example:
2DArray.gdg (9.56 KB)

Great answer. Thanks! :slight_smile: