Table of Contents for Event Sheet

Hello, friends! :wave:

I don’t know if something like that already exists for people who write code or in other game engines. So maybe my suggestion isn’t the most perfect, but I believe that the idea itself is quite interesting. My suggestion is that we can tag events, comments and groups to have a table of contents on the right-hand side (It would be interesting if we could hide/show it so as not to disturb the reading of the events). Something like this:

I’ve drawn some small black anchors on the left side of groups and events that have been tagged. I don’t think it was very visible. :eyes:

How it could work: The developer can right-click on a group/comment/event and have an option to create a new anchor (tag). He/She would choose a name to appear in the table of contents and perhaps the organization of the index could be automatic, positioning the tag name according to its height on the event sheet. When the developer clicks on one of the names, will be redirected directly to your markup.

Reasons for this suggestion:

  • Save time: Even though we can separate our events into external events, functions, behaviors, and use groups to organize, I believe that some event sheet get a little big. That way we’ll be able to save a lot of time instead of scrolling through the entire sheet constantly checking information and going back to the events we’re writing.

  • Organization and orientation: The simple fact that we can look at an event sheet and know everything we want to know about (because it’s customizable) is great!

No doubt it is not a simple suggestion, but I believe something like this it would be very useful.