Take the closest object

I think a feature that would help would be a “Take the closest object” condition, I know it’s possible to do this with the events, but I think it would help make things a bit more simple and less confusing when making games if we had a condition like that.

For now, I’m not going to add this condition as it can be done with events, but I will reconsider this if there are other people asking for it and/or if it seems to be really needed ( This would be a nice condition for sure, but I want to be sure that it is really needed. The risk of adding all kind of “nice features” is to end up with a bloated software which is difficult to maintain :slight_smile: )

Yeah, true, a lot of useless features will make a bloated program, but Game Maker does have an “instance_nearest” feature (and I used to use it all the time), and you could do plenty of the existing functions with events too (Number of objects, At the beginning of a scene, the timers, Put an object around a position, etc…), and I don’t think it would be a useless or unused function, as you already had one other person on the English forum (other than me, XD) ask about closest objects.

So to shorten all of that, even though you could do it with events, you can do existing events with events, and I think it would be very useful. :smiley: (In my opinion.)