Targeting with Points Problem

I need help this bug didn’t appear before.

The bug is the point where I dash is not the one I clicked on.

So the concept here is where I have a player that can fly towards an object. But the function I have is only going towards a specific point. Here how it looks like.

Here’s a sample code for it.

If I’m not mistaken, your code in line 29 does not specifically state in the condition which hook you’re referring to. If there will be no conflicts, maybe you can try putting it as a subevent of line 28

Is there a way to tag to specific objects?

The object specified in the condition (ex. line 28) will be the object that will be referred to in the actions. See the GDevelop concepts

Condition: Variable State of Player = 8 Condition: Player is in collision with hook Action:

You may also try using object variables and then including them in the conditions. But I guess this is not necessary if the above will work. ex.

Condition: Variable State of Player = 8 Condition: Player is in collision with hook Condition: Variable Hooked of Hook = 1 Action:

Ok thanks it works nicely!!!

But now I have this problem. :frowning:

I’m really sorry but I’m having a hard time to analyze. The possible causes I think are:

  1. The size of the hooks are actually big, with the majority of the area being transparent. However, this may not be the case if you can press the click detectors but cannot press the hooks
  2. There is something in your code which detects mouse press in those areas
  3. There is something in your code which duplicates the hook boxes but appears invisible (bug but maybe this is not possible)
  4. Check the instances window. You might have created instances of the hook but the scene editor does not show them. In this case, delete them from the instances window.

Thanks for the suggestions but I have found the bug in the script. For unknown reasons the camera script for the player I have made the hook point area of clickable is at the bottom area of the hook point.

That’s good that you have found the bug