Task bar remains in front of game in full screen mode


I’m wondering how I can run a real full screen mode with a Gdevelop game.
The task bar remains always vsible in front of the screen and covers the lower part of the game.
I set full screen mode at the beginning of the scene.

I use Gdevelop 5.0.128 on Windows 11.

Thanks for any tips

I’m on Windows 10, the task bar is fully covered/hidden in full-screen mode. :person_shrugging:

However, if I press the Maximize button near the Close button, the top bar and task bar remain visible.

Hi Gruk.

The top bar dissappeared the way it’s supposed to, however the task bar remained visible in full screen mode (that I triggered in the events like you did).
I was not referring about the maximize button.
Btw. it happened in my Windows auto installer file, and not when I ran the project through Gdevelop directly. For now when I do a normal zip desktop build on Windows, it also works (maybe computer restart helped?). But I cannot test the auto installer file anymore because I have a new problem.

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So, after I solved the new problem, turns out, the task bar issue was just a problem with my PC settings and restarting the computer solved it.

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