Taunt during Running Cycle wont play

I’ve been having an issue With Playing a Taunt during a running animation
Help would be appreciated

So the player is moving right (platformer behaviour) and playing a running animation all the time you hold down L, but if I press P at the same time (so I am pressing two keys), he carries on running but plays the taunt animation instead until I lift my finger off P and his animation goes back to normal running. Here’s how I did it:

Your sub condition doesn’t have any conditions, so you may as well put the action, ‘Play the animation of Sonic’, in the main event above it. I don’t fully understand what all your variables are trying to do, but hopefully my suggestions are helpful.

I dont make my game with a character controller but Rather Move my character by like moving the background to give the illusion that he’s running, and the variables are to see if he is running walking or standing