Tearing Effect - Bad Computer or No Skill?

Hi helpful people! I’ve made a primitive test level, the game I want will be a native game, but whenever I run the compiled level and move the character the game tears up. The background I’m using is a 32x32 Tiled Sprite and the level boundaries/platforms is a Tile Map with the platform behavior. The game is in fullscreen and the camera size 512x384 pixels. My screen resolution is double of that. Am I doing something wrong or is my computer not that good? Thanks in advance for any help.

How big is the tilemap?, and what happens if you remove the instance from the scene (just in case don’t save the project after deleting the instance)?
If the tilemap isn’t the problem, do you have events in the scene?

The Tile Map is 32x32 tiles. Removing the instance from scene didn’t change the effect. The events I have are (without conditions):

Center camera on player
Activate fullscreen: yes (keep aspect ratio: yes) (though the program says this aspect ratio option is for HTML5 only, and I’m running the native mode)
Change size of camera 0 of “” to 512*384

Tilemap object is a huge performance eater even without any behaviors. You have to cut it down to smaller pieces.

I have removed the tilemap and am using a simple platform instead. No change in the tearing effect was observed, which is curios since GameWin.exe process is only using around 25mb of memory.

Add a “At the beginning of the scene” condition to the actions “Activate fullscreen” and “Change camera size”, if there is no such condition already I’m pretty sure that is the problem :slight_smile:

I added it as you’ve instructed. I proceeded to create a gif to show exactly what it looks like but upon editing the gif on my image processing program I noticed the effect was not captured. Not only that, I could see the effect happening as I manipulated the image in said program, showing it most likely has to do with my computer than with the programs I’m using.

Can you reproduce the problem in a basic project?, to check it out.

What do you mean by basic project?

A project with the minimum conditions, actions and objects to make the problem to appear so I can check it out, or a link to your project if you don’t care.

No problem:


The problem comes from the fullscreen action. It seems a lot better with V-Sync enabled here, check that in the Project settings and let me know :slight_smile:

I can’t find the Project settings though, it’s not on the Project tab in GDevelop, and can’t find it on the events either!

In the Project Manager window (leftmost window), right click on your project, in this context menu you can edit global variables and project settings, there is an image in this post: [url]Making player life]