[Technical limitation] Using scroll to change properties without scrooling the panel

This feature found technical limitations. Read this message to join the conversation: [Technical limitation] Using scroll to change properties without scrooling the panel - #9 by Luni

Note: a new instance property panel is now live. Some things had been changed and enhanced. You can learn all about it here: https://wiki.gdevelop.io/gdevelop5/interface/scene-editor/#instance-properties-panel

Hello, :wink:

In the latest Gdevelop update (5.3.199), the Instance Properties Panel has been reworked (nice change! :v:). But in previous versions we have buttons to change Z Order, Animations, Angle, etc.

Now we don’t have those buttons anymore, but we can still use the mouse scroll to change the values (and in my opinion that’s enough). The only thing is the panel scrolls too:

My feature request is: when the mouse is over the location of one of the properties AND this property is selected if we use mouse scroll the values change without scrolling the entire panel. If it’s not over the selected property it can scroll the panel.



Completely agree, but i say i liked the up and down arrows and they should be again here, because you can be more precisely with just one click instead of the scroll where you can scroll more or minus the number you need


Could you try:

  • “up” and “down” arrows on your keyboard when you have the input selected
  • hover the input tag, and click and drag horizontally

Let me know what you see when you do these 2 things.


That’s cool, but I don’t use the arrows too much. Usually, in the editor, I work with a single hand on the mouse, chilling totally, so I don’t touch the keyboard a lot. Another thing that annoys me is when I click on the input and try to scroll up or down, but the instance panel scrolls with the numbers, which is a little annoying. I like the horizontal drag feature; it’s cool. I noticed another cool thing about the new instance panel: we lost the checkbox for custom object sizes, which was really helpful when adjusting proportions and wanting to return to the standard size. However, it’s been replaced with a reset icon for height/width, which is cool, but I didn’t notice it at first glance.

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I just noticed now we even lost the “Prevent from clicking/moving” option in the instance panel :skull:

There’s now a tiny padlock in the upper right corner that changes between the modes.


Ohh you mean it’s all of Three in one button, nice to know, it’s cool like that


It’s nice but a little vague. I wish GD did a better job of rolling out new features. A diagram of the changes in the release notes or a link to the documentation would’ve been nice.



After doing some technical exploration we’ve observed that there are some limitations regarding the scrolling on the panel. For instance, to fix the vertical scroll of the panel, the scroll inside the field will have to disappear, so it will be not longer available.

I’d personally think that scrolling the panel vertically would be a feature of more importance than scrolling inside the fields (since the value changes can be changed: with up/down keyboard arrows; and click and drag the label of the input field), but I’d like to know how do you (readers) think about this. :eyes:

I definitely agree.

It is not possible to change the animations by clicking and dragging the label of the imput field (there is no label for animations). And to be honest I find it difficult to be precise using this technique in other fields. I have been using the arrow keys to make changes.

I think @Kruger has a good point here:

But I confess that I’ve gotten used to using the arrow keys on the keyboard. It’s not as practical as having the buttons on the panel, but it works very well.


I think it’s ok we can forget about the vertical scroll at this point, if it’s a technical limitation and I don’t think it’s worth the bet even because we have already the horizontal scroll who is better imo (Maybe we should get the diagonal scroll? :thinking: :joy:), After a few weeks working with it is quite good tbh, but I can’t work properly without the arrows, at the moment I find it absurdly complicated to change smaller values, because with the horizontal scroll I find myself changing the value I need too much or too little.